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Gentlemen DAO

Who we are?

Gentlemen DAO consists mainly of enterprising people who like to do business online. It was founded for a simple purpose, to create a place where you can easily join a large community of entrepreneurs, use common capital and do business together to share the profits.

In order to realize this intention, we created a collection of 8000 Gentlemen NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). By selling them, we raise capital, with which we, as DAO, create online projects. The profits from these projects are distributed among the owners of these NFTs.


Advantage / benefits

Why to join us?

There are many reasons and they can be a little different for everyone. Here are some reasons we have prepared with DAO.

After acquiring Gentlemen NFT you will get: Access, Vote, Monthly payments, Exclusive benefits, Full property & Family.

For detailed info please CLICK HERE.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

What is DAO in general?

DAOs are digital organizations. Some operate like corporations, while others may operate like cooperatives. DAOs can, however, holder property, in a similar capacity to the way that people and corporations can own property. Property may include information, intellectual property, cryptocurrencies, fiat money, commodities (like gold and silver), and even securities, such as FAANG company shares (equities). All decisions are made by majority vote for all participants in the DAO. Essentially, a DAO will be launched and then it will be maintained. Algorithms, community members, founders, administrators, and other "vetted" people can participate in governance votes, deciding the direction and future of the DAO.

How to join Gentlemen

What are the requirements?

  1. Download the MetaMask metamask.io
  2. Fill MetaMask approximately 0.03 ETH (0.02+gas) from exchange & check the gas to be under 50 Gwei.
  3. Click on MINT NFT, connect your wallet and mint NFT.
  4. Join our discord.
  5. Enjoy a new unique era of joint ventures.

Our business partners

Click on the logo for a website.

Our team

Click on the photo for a profile on the social network.

Your feedback

If you have any feedback or recommendations, we would be grateful if you could share it with us.

You can send your feedback to hammy10299@gmail.com.

Your email will not be used for any purpose other than related to the potential additional questions to your feedback.

Thank you for visiting and have a pleasant and successful day!